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We all know the story of Tarzan – Lord of the jungle, so please tell no more about his story. This story chronicles another time period. After many trials and tribulations, Tarzan and Jane finally got married. Both settled in the deep forest, living happily together. Just imagine, at a time when Tarzan was busy and had to be away from home for a long time, beautiful, fiery, thirsty Jane was alone at home. What will happen…

The sun had just risen, the first rays of sunlight had crept through each leaf to dance on Jane’s beautiful face. She woke up and looked around her wooden room. Jane still can’t see Tarzan. Jane opened the blanket and looked at her body. Her whole body was drenched in sweat. Last night, Jane lay tossing and turning until she could sleep. She dreamed again that Tarzan’s strong and strong body was wrapped around her. Midway through Jane woke up, it was already morning. Jane looked back at herself lying on her back, her legs spread wide, her whole body drenched with sweat, her lower body drenched in lust. The burning feeling of lust in her made Jane want to go crazy. She sat up and reached for the glass of water to drink.

Jane sighed wearily. So from the time Tarzan was away from home until now, it has been 7 days, 6 hours and 18 minutes… Jane clearly remembers every hour and every minute. She could never forget that day, when she was passionately entwined with Tarzan when he received urgent news. Tarzan must set out to intervene in the conflict of two certain African tribes on the other side. It was so boring Tarzan’s status as Lord of the Jungle, why did he keep leaving midway, leaving Jane alone at home alone.

The newlyweds haven’t been together for long, still getting used to the lustful taste that Tarzan leaves like this, Jane can’t stand it. Several times before, Tarzan would only come back for 2 or 3 meals, today everything was so complicated, why did he go away for a week and then not come back. The feeling of waiting, plus the desire to drive Jane crazy. Swiping lightly all over, Jane found herself drenched in sweat.

The filth in her body, plus the daytime heat of the African delta, made Jane decide to take a shower. Jane opened the wooden door and stepped out, then climbed the stairs and down from the couple’s treehouse. Until now, Jane has not been used to her husband’s way of jumping from rope to rope. Every time when taking a bath in the morning, Tarzan still carried Jane with him, used the wild rope to fly, soon arrived, today, Jane has to walk by herself.

Jane left the house with nothing on. She seemed used to the feeling of being without clothes. The area where the couple lived was far from the civilized area, and the surrounding tribes didn’t care much about clothing, so Jane was không lấy phí to be carefree. Just exposed to the sun and wind for only a few months, Jane has clearly browned.


Her body is no longer as white as before, but instead has a healthy brown skin. Jane’s body is now toned and leaner than before. The body is balanced, the breasts are large, but tight, the buttocks are still full but stronger. As for Jane’s cunt feathers, she has given up the habit of shaving her pussy, now Jane leaves it to nature, so her feathers grow thick to cover all the birds. Although she has changed, but it must be said that Jane is still as beautiful as ever. The golden hair is still flying, the lips are still red. She is like a lonely beautiful sunflower blooming in the middle of the jungle.

After a while, Jane came to a small stream. She took a long breath. Jane thought again as she watched the water drift by. In the same place, Tarzan and her often play together. She remembered the lord’s every move. Oh, why so ecstatic. Now Jane is alone. Stepping on the beds of young grass, Jane gently stepped into the stream. The surface of the water suddenly turned to receive her round breasts. Jane sighed happily, letting the cool water caress her nóng body. Jane reached out and began to rub all over her body.

Jane took a shower and looked around. She found it a bit strange. Maybe it’s because she came a little early, but normally around this stream, many animals often gather, the class grazes, the class drinks water, and today Jane still hasn’t seen any. Jane was looking at it lazily, when out of nowhere a wild horse ran up, face down into the stream looking for water to drink. Jane knows that this is a zebra, it lives in this area, only strange is that today there is only one because it is usually a zebra or a herd.

Jane looked closely at this horse. It looks healthy, tall like a steed. Jane looked at the animal with a friendly smile. The zebra reared up in front of Jane, looking at her naked, rubbing, his eyes shining. The horse was not afraid at all to see Jane bathing naked because he was so familiar with the couple. The animal lowered its head and continued to drink water.

Jane turned away intending to stop looking at the animal and continue to bathe, but suddenly she stopped. The eyes were fixed on the animal, on its rear. No wonder Jane found this horse a bit strange today, it turned out that its cock in the back was slowly growing an inch long, red and red, the size of Jane’s handcuffs. Jane’s face suddenly turned red. She blushed as she stared at the animal’s elongated genitals. Jane had never noticed this before, never looked so closely at an animal’s genitals. Tarzan’s cock is huge, but compared to this horse, it’s far behind. Jane seemed to be hypnotized, unable to take her eyes off the animal.

Suddenly Jane thought, a fleeting guilty thought. Jane shook her head dismissing the idea at once, but somehow she slowly stepped out of the water. The whole week without her husband had intrigued Jane, and she wanted to try this feeling, even if just a little.

The horse took a sip of water without even noticing Jane approaching it. Jane kept staring at it, and the longer and longer she watched the horse’s cock, the more intensely she felt… until she began to reach up and massage her nipples. Jane stepped onto the stream, and the horse raised its head to look at her. The animal froze as Jane approached it.

The horse stood still and watched the naked Jane come toward it. Jane’s eyes were very strange, different from usual, making animals a little scared. Suddenly, Jane stretched out her hand and held it forward. As the wife of the Lord of the Jungle, Jane nodded in command. The horse stepped closer to smell her hand. The horse sniffed and licked Jane’s hand. Jane felt a tickle, wetness in her hand. Slightly nervous, Jane decided to be bolder. She waited for the horse to lick her hand for a long time, then suddenly grabbed its muzzle and pressed it to her pussy. Strangely, the animal still obediently continued to lick her bird shyly with its tongue.

Now Jane felt a slight tickle in her cunt. The warm animal’s tongue spread over Jane’s cunt, the horse’s nostrils puffed and puffed on Jane’s belly. Jane felt so precious, she had never felt this way before. Although it felt a bit odd, Jane also timidly spread her legs far away to enjoy the feeling of being licked by a horse.

The zebra was still licking it intently, where Jane’s hairy cunt, thick rough tongue, and the nóng breath of the horse that always blew on Jane, gave her a feeling she’d felt a long time ago. just got back. Jane held the animal’s ears so as not to fall because her legs were already weak, Jane spread her weak legs as far as possible, her cunt raised for the animal to lick more easily.

The horse licked it skillfully, it licked it as fast as it was drinking spring water from Jane’s cunt. Jane tried to run her hands down her side to trace her thick hair, spreading the edges of her pussy to make it easier for the horse to lick it. Immediately the horse’s tongue went deep into it, its tongue wiggling all over Jane’s cunt. Jane’s body heated up, a subconscious desire rose, her legs lost all control.

The horse stopped licking for a moment to raise its head, and looked at Jane with shining eyes to see if the Lord of the Woods was satisfied. Jane smiled and stroked the horse’s mane as if encouraging it to continue. Jane’s cunt kept pouring out lust and nothing to stop it. The horse neighed a few times and then bent down to continue sucking. Jane pushed the horse’s head into her cunt harder, the animal’s tongue digging deeper and deeper into Jane’s cunt and rubbing the walls evenly.

Jane’s lust kept pouring out like floodwater breaking its banks and the horse persisted in licking it clean. Jane basked in a strange ecstasy, she writhed and groaned, her hands automatically squeezing her breasts, her eyes closed. After a long while, when her weak legs couldn’t take it anymore, Jane fell on her back to the ground, sending the horse’s tongue out. Jane breathed with joy as her lust overflowed, she was delighted to be licked by the other horse, so satisfied with the fire of lust for a whole week. But that didn’t seem to be enough for Jane, she wanted the horse to do more.

Jane told the animal to stay still and then went behind its tail. She sat down to get a good look at the cock. She reached out and touched the cock. Jane felt it soft, not tight and hard like her husband’s cock. She flexed her five fingers to grasp the horse’s cock in the palm of her hand, then began to rub it up and down. Slowly, gently, the horse stood still and did not object. Jane’s body was now nóng, her groin was overflowing with lust. Jane tugged harder and harder to harden the horse’s cock. While she squirmed, the horse’s head kept nodding forward with amusement.

After a while, seeing that the horse’s cock was quite stiff, Jane decided to give it a try. She stood up to stroke the horse’s back. The horse stood still, allowing Jane to move. Jane crouched down and ducked into the middle of the horse’s belly. She knelt down, her hands on the ground, her back bent to expose the back of her cunt. This position is quite medium, her back is not far from the horse’s belly.

When she saw that Jane was already in the familiar estrus position of her species, the horse’s cock began to stir, trying to find its way into Jane’s pussy. His cock kept shaking back and forth, tickling Jane’s ass. Jane’s pussy protrudes red, although it has expanded, the animal still has no way to enter. Jane knew that so she grabbed the horse’s cock and put it between her thighs and began to rub it.

Jane tugged on the horse’s cock, then pushed it slowly into her cunt. When the horse’s big cock touched the lips of Jane’s vagina, it was very stimulating. She felt the warmth radiating from the horse’s black cock head. Jane seemed to faint in front of that voluptuous cock. She felt the head of a horse’s cock splitting her pussy. Jane kept trying to squeeze while leaning up to receive the cock running into her vagina.

This feeling is indescribable. The big cock had taken over all of Jane’s mind. The cock got into the corner of Jane’s cunt. The pleasure made Jane let out a groan. Jane seemed to go crazy, her hand frantically trying to squeeze all the horse’s cock into her cunt, her mouth moaning like it was on a beat. When she couldn’t bear it anymore, Jane’s legs wobbled, making her whole body precious.

Jane struggled so much that she could no longer kneel and fell to the ground, causing the horse’s cock to run backwards. The feeling of going in and out made Jane feel like she was being fucked for real. With all her strength, she bent to her knees, then reached out to try to push the horse’s cock back into her pussy, trying to squeeze, stuff, all of it. But suddenly, the horse neighed, it suddenly bent its back a few times. Whatever happens, the horse begins to ejaculate like a water gun. The semen poured out fiercely, in rays, pouring out all over the crotch. It wasn’t until Jane’s vulva couldn’t contain enough that the semen spilled out, dripping down her groin. Jane held on tight for a while, then the horse’s cock slowly retracted and was as small as before.

Jane rolled off the horse’s belly and sat flat on the grass. She pressed her stomach once, the horse’s residual semen came out again, with a pungent smell. When Jane looked back, the horse was wiggling away. It walked slowly as if nothing had happened to the lord. Perhaps it was his horse who did not know that he had committed a big “crime” of daring to “adulterate” with the lord of the forest. As for herself, Jane sat silently thinking in the stench of horse semen. She didn’t know if she was doing the right thing, or if there was something wrong with Tarzan. But suddenly, Jane turned to another situation, she didn’t want to think about it anymore, just wanted to be satisfied. After playing with this horse, Jane suddenly had a lot of ideas because she herself was still not satisfied with the other horse. In the spare time when Tarzan is gone, Jane also wants to embark on a new, much more exciting adventure…

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