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High school is the most beautiful age of a student’s life. Although I know many teenage girls around me with full breasts, but for some reason, I just love to watch and like to go to bed with teachers once. The story I tell is a true story, this is a beautiful memory of my student days, when I had the opportunity to go to bed with my teacher.

My name is Huy, at that time I was a 12th grader of Hung Vuong High School, District 5. Grade 10 and 11 I also studied here, also liked the teachers but did not dare to act or do anything. In grade 12, I had to be determined to conquer the teacher to make a mark for my student life. Hung Vuong High School is not a high school, so it is not too prominent in terms of achievements. My class also has a lot of girls, almost 2/3 of the class are girls, many of them are very beautiful and sexy, but I’m not really interested in conquering girls but I like teachers. Each subject is studied with a different teacher, that time I studied with a total of 6 teachers, including teacher Thanh Tam, who teaches Mathematics, which I particularly paid attention to. Math is an important subject, so I studied with her the most, so I had the opportunity to meet her a lot. I asked for information about Ms. Tam, she knew that she was 28 years old (11 years older than me), had been teaching for 2 years, but this time she could teach my class because she only taught grade 12. Every time Ms. Tam went to class, she was the teacher. wear a different dress. I especially pay attention to each sexy curve on the teacher’s body through the ao dai she wears. Her figure is really very beautiful, about 1m65 tall, round 1 and round 3 are quite standard, so every time she goes to class, almost all the boys in the class like to look at the teacher’s 3 rings when she stands on the podium. She loves to wear non-balloon pants, the long dress she wears enhances her beauty a lot. I have a hobby of looking at teachers’ underwear, so every time they go to class, I often check to see what color underwear she is wearing, lace or not. And I know that Ms. Tam likes to wear black underwear. Since the non-glossy fabric makes it difficult to see the color of her panties, I usually look at her bra.

Grade 12 Math is quite difficult and is the foundation for the university exam, so there is a lot of knowledge. After studying with Ms. Tam for a few sessions, I realized that she was very difficult and strict in class. Later I found out that she was very lewd in bed. It is true that the stricter and more difficult a woman is, the more lewd she is. There was one time when she gave homework to the whole class and then she walked around the class, I watched her gait behind me and wanted to squeeze her ass so much, I was so absorbed in looking at her that she suddenly turned to look at me and me. Call me to the board:

– Huy, go to the board to help her with question number 1.

When I heard her call, I was startled, my soul fluttered, I trembled and answered falteringly:

– Yes… yes… me…
– Hurry up to the board.

I put on my shoes heavily and went to the board, not knowing what to do, so I went up to the board and went down to ask my friends to find the answer. Suddenly I saw her come up to me with a serious and annoyed expression saying:

– This lesson is basic and simple but you don’t know how to do it? Do you study at home?
– Yes… I…
– I spread out my hand…
– Yes, I… I’m sorry…
– Hands out, quick.

She hit me hard with a ruler with a ruler, saying:

– If you don’t study, you can’t take the exam if you don’t study. Hit it to remember.
– Da, it hurts, miss…
– Back to the place.

Returning to my seat, the friend next to me said:

– Does it hurt, the crime of studying not worrying about studying but looking at girls.
– Which girl are you?
– So, who is Mrs. Tam.
– Why do you know?
– I can tell by looking at your eyes, it’s all about her nóng spots. And you’re a student, you don’t have a teacher’s ticket, she has a lover.
– Why do you know?
– Every afternoon when I come back, I see your boyfriend waiting at the gate to pick you up.
– Really?

When I got home, I thought a lot about Ms. Tam. Think about your hit and your friend’s words. I recall, when she approached to look at my face when I was standing on the board, facing to prepare to hit, I looked closely at her face. Her makeup is very beautiful, especially her red and wet lips, her eyebrows are quite dark, I think:

– This woman must be lustful here, dare to hit me? Someday I’ll fuck her for revenge.

I kept thinking about her, thinking how to conquer her. Every night I picture the dresses she wears, masturbate and imagine being kissed and fucked.

After school that afternoon, studying with Ms. Tam for the last period of Math, I stayed in the school yard and watched her to see who she was with and where her house was. When I saw her come out from the teacher’s room, I took the car and went to the front of the school to watch. Moments later, she saw Ms. Tam walking out of the school gate, met a man riding a SH car, saw her happily smiling and lifted her ao dai, climbed into the car, sat behind, and hugged the man’s waist. I also started my car and followed behind. District 5 area is quite crowded in the afternoon, I have to creep up the sidewalk, my eyes always follow her boyfriend’s car running ahead. After walking around for a while in District 5, I saw her car run into an alley with a Hotel ABC sign at the beginning of the alley. I thought her house must be in this alley, but no, after a while I saw the man and she slowed down and stopped in front of the ABC hotel. I saw her car slow down, so I didn’t dare to run fast, afraid of being discovered, I stopped the car to watch. Indeed, she and the man entered the hotel. I think:

“This lady must have really wanted it.” Why don’t you come home from teaching and come here with boys?

I thought about a good way I would go in and see if I could, so I took my phone and called my mother at home:

– Mom, I have a religious class at school tonight, so I’ll stay to study, so come back late, you have to eat first, don’t wait for me.
– So, uhm… Remember to come back soon, son.
– Yes…

After walking for a while, I went to the hotel when she and the other man were already in the room. When I came in, the male receptionist asked:

– Do you need to rent a room or something? Have you made a reservation in advance?
– Yes, I did not book in advance but need to rent a room.
– Do you need to ask for anything more?
– Can I ask what room the couple rented just now, can I rent the room next to them?
– That couple is a teacher and a lover, a 12th grade teacher at Hung Vuong school, a regular customer here, often comes here, so there is no need to book a room in advance. Do you want to rent a room next to them, let me check.
– Oh, ok, the teacher is in room 301, you are in room 302.
– Yes, yes, thank you.

I took the room key into the elevator, thinking:

– So this auntie is really lewd, come here often.

I went up to the third floor, walked around, the suites on the 3rd floor had about 10 rooms, but at that time, most of the other rooms were empty of tenants, so it was quite quiet. I entered room 302 gently and closed the door. The room is designed with wooden imitation brick walls, so the loud noises of the next room can be easily heard, that’s why she chose the floor that only has her room. At this time, next to the wall, I heard the voice of the teacher and the young man in the next room, because the voice was quite clear, I turned on the recording function on the phone at the same time listening and recording:

– Are you tired from teaching today?
– No, I’m happy to meet you.

I heard the jokes and jokes of Ms. Tam and the young man, then heard her say:

– Slowly you…
– You are so beautiful Tam, I want to fuck you every day.

I didn’t hear her say anything more, after a while the young man was probably kissing her, so I heard her gasp and moan softly:

– U… u… u… take off my ao dai, don’t rub me anymore, I’m too nóng, I’m going to die
– I’m too lewd.

Moments later I heard the sucking sound of the breast faltering and then the thumping sound of the butt.

– Oh, it hurts, brother.
– Lust, lewd…

Then the young man did something I don’t know, a moment later heard her moan:

– Oh, brother… don’t hook my cunt anymore, you put your dick in, make me happy. I’m too nóng.
– Haha, I just had sex, the teacher was so lewd, one day I might find students to fuck too, right?
– U… well, how dare students fuck me, they are so afraid of me.
– If they knew that their teacher wanted love, they would fuck every day that they weren’t afraid of me. Who wants to fuck, can you give it to me?
– Have…
– Ha, yes. It’s lewd.

I heard her scream, the young man must have pushed his cock hard into her cunt. The rainstorm lasted for a long time, I heard her moan continuously:

– Aaaaa… bro, I’m so happy, ah… I’m going to die, ohiiiiii.

Then the young man shouted loudly, probably ejaculating. I’ve been here listening for a while now, my hand is constantly rubbing my bird, listening to her moan, I also ejaculate. I think:

– Miss Tam is too lewd, students can also fuck her. I will conquer her.

Then, I turned off the tape recorder and quietly left my room 302.

You are reading Beautiful memories with a high school teacher at the source:

The next day when I went to class, everything was still going as usual, I had Ms. Tam’s class, taking advantage of when she came down to my desk, I said:

– Miss, there is this part that I don’t understand, at the end of the lesson, please help me again.
– Which part? Ah, this part is long, so that at the end of the session, I will go to the teacher’s room to meet her, please explain again.
– Yes…

After class ended, I saw her take out her phone to call someone, I guess it was the young man. I went to the teacher’s room first to wait for her, after a while she came:

– Did I come? Come in, baby.
– Yes.

The teacher’s room is quite empty at the moment because the other teachers have all returned. I walked behind her and looked at the slender ao dai, at that time I just wanted to push her down, friends. Then she came to her seat, lifted up her ao dai, sat down and crossed her legs and asked me:

– I took out the notebook, partly for her to explain quickly, she still came back.
– Yes, this part.

She lectured, but my mind kept wandering, my eyes wandered to the teacher’s chest through the hem of her ao dai, then I leaned close to her ear and said:

– You are beautiful.
– What do you say, focus here.
– How can I concentrate when sitting next to a beauty with moist lips like her?
– Huh, what did you say, Huy?
“You’re so lewd, I know it all.

Then she slapped me hard in the face, and said:

– Do you dare to tell your teacher that?

She blushed now, after her slap, I remained calm and said:

“You say that better than when you were talking nonsense.”

At this moment, she seemed to be speechless, unable to say anything, she trembled:

– I… I… know what, Huy?

Having said that, I played the recording of her and her boyfriend on the phone and played it for her to listen to.

– Listen to it…

Listening to the conversation over and over again, I stiffened the bird. Now she lost her strength and seemed weak and trembling:

– You, you are so disgusting, you dare to record her private life. She will ask the school to work and expel you.
– Do you dare? This happened by accident. Thanks to that, I knew she was very erotic and very demanding.
– I… I…
– How are you? I’ll help you satisfy, you haven’t fucked today, have you? In the recording, you said you would let students fuck.
– I… you dare?
– If she refuses, she will report the school to expel me, and then she will also stop teaching…
– You… you… uneducated… I don’t think you would do that to me.
– I like you for a long time, Miss Thanh Tam. Do you know every day I dream of cuddling, snoozing and fucking you?
– I…

At this time, before she could finish her sentence, I locked her lips with a long kiss. Because it was too fast, she couldn’t resist. A moment later, separating her lips from mine, avoiding me, she said:

– This is the teacher’s room, you can’t do that.
– Then go to class.
– Don’t… Huy…

I took her hand and pulled her to my classroom, when I got there, I closed the classroom door, didn’t turn on the lights, it was already dark at this time. After closing the door, I kissed her passionately, my hand caressing her nipples through the hem of her long dress, then rubbing down her round buttocks.

– Oh, um, don’t do that. She is my teacher.
– What teacher now? You’re my girlfriend right now.

After saying that, I kissed her neck, licked her ears lightly, causing her to start to weakly resist and moan softly:

– Uh, uh… uh…

I took the opportunity to take off her red ao dai, inside was a black bra. I pull her bra off, kiss her breasts passionately, my hand rubbing her cunt over her satin white pants. Now that she seemed to have surrendered to the battle, I whispered in her ear:

– You see, but you still refuse to admit it. Shall I stop?

To be continued…

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