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I don’t know if any of you have ever dreamed of fucking your mother, but as for me, since I was a child, I have been craving to fuck my mother, also because at home my mother often wears a short T-shirt. elongated waist that huge breasts of mother.

I married my wife also because my wife looks a lot like my mother, every time I fuck my wife, I still think I’m fucking my mother, just like that the feeling of happiness sublimate many times more than usual.

I remember when I was in high school, because my father was often away on business trips, so it was usually just the two of us at home.

One day, when I got home from school, my mother was sunbathing in the backyard, so she didn’t hear my footsteps coming in. She was wearing a small white bikini and lying there, her round butt right in front of my eyes, and between my groin I could see a few curls of hair sticking out. The image in front of my eyes made my dick feel like it was about to explode, and best of all, she didn’t buckle her bikini so when she turned around, all of her huge breasts were exposed to my eyes.

– Are you back… sorry, I didn’t know you were back, so…

Mom shyly hugged her corset to hide her breasts, but most of her breasts were still exposed. She held her bra in one hand and stood up, and the unbuttoned panties also slid down, revealing a little curly hair in front of my eyes, at that time I just wanted to press my mother and rape her.


But the image quickly faded when my mother rushed into the bedroom, I gently followed her. When I arrived in front of my mother’s room, the door was not locked, but only half-closed. Looking inside, I saw my mother lifting her breasts with both hands, squeezing them together and then gently rubbing her nipples with her fingers, rubbing and rubbing gently on them, rubbing her while moaning: “Um… um…”

Then her mother’s hands gradually stroked down, gently caressed her waist, and then rushed down. I can clearly see her hand gently rubbing the pubic side of her pussy and then touching the protruding cleavage, her face lifts her head and closes her eyes, her fingers still constantly rubbing her chubby pubic area.

After a while, her mother spread her legs and used her hand to separate her cunt’s lips, revealing a red pussy soaked with lust.

Thanks to the sunlight coming in from the window, I could clearly see the curls of jet-black cunt hair, the plump lips, the greasy liquid that was clinging to both the pubic and the pubic hair.

The image in front of my eyes made me unable to hold back, quickly zipped my pants down, took out the stiff erection, I leaned against the doorpost and licked my cock continuously, while squeezing me and imagining that I was fucking my mother.

My mother seemed to know that I was peeking at the door, and quickly got on her knees and turned her butt towards me so that I could easily see her cunt and asshole.

Mom reached up from under her belly to touch the back of her cunt, then used her middle and index fingers to rub the swollen pubic area, every time her hand touched the lips of the cunt she would stroke it along the slit, and when her hand was stroked her cleavage, her whole body trembled.

After a while, she stuck her middle finger inside the hole, slowly but steadily, thrusting in and out again, slowly increasing the speed of her penetration. Outside of that, the speed of my cocking also increased with the speed of my mother’s cocking.

Finally, my mother groaned a few times: “Oi… ooh… ooh…”

Outside, I also had an orgasm, tensed up and spat out a bunch of sperm on the door, while shooting I mumbled in my mouth: “Mom… mom… I’m shooting sperm into your cunt… are you happy…”

The orgasm gradually passed, Mom got up to go to the dressing table to apply moisturizer, due to the limited viewing angle I couldn’t see, I pushed the door a little wider so I could see her.

Mother is standing in front of a large mirror, pouring lotion on her hands and then starting to apply it in front of her face, slowly rubbing down her neck, chest, then stomach… I yearn to watch the movement of her long slender hands caressing each and every one of them. Her seductive smooth skin…

After rubbing the front, she applied it to the back, then applied to her hands, bent down to apply her long slender legs. When she opened her legs, the seductive pussy appeared in front of my eyes making my cock stand upright again, even though I had just ejaculated.

When mom’s hand was on the back of her cunt, she poked her lustful cunt with two fingers, and at the same time she shoved one finger into the small asshole in the middle of her plump butt. Seeing this scene, I just want to push open the door and put my dick in my mother’s pussy and fuck it.

The more she poked her mother, the wider she spread her legs, in order not to fall, she used one hand to fall to the floor, in this position, I could clearly see her big breasts like two grapefruits hanging down, swaying with each cunt beat. of mom.

Her mouth moaned louder and louder, “um… um…”. I think if I went inside and fuck her, she wouldn’t object, but I’m still scared, a fear that I’ll be “incest”.

At this time, my mother put her head between her legs and looked at the door, her eyes met mine, both were startled, time seemed to stand still…

After more than a minute, my mother suddenly stood up, I also quickly put my cock in my pants and ran to the living room, sitting on the sofa pretending to watch TV.

A few minutes later, my mother put on a short T-shirt and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner, and then she called me in to eat. As soon as I entered, I peeked at my mother, seeing that she did not seem to be wearing underwear, when I saw that, I thought of the image of my mother writhing masturbating, my dick once again put on stiff pants.

The meal took place in silence, no one dared to say a word. After eating, I hurried back to my room to do my homework, leaving my mother alone in the kitchen to clean up.

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Around 9 pm, I just relaxed a bit, just forgot about the masturbation image of my mother when “Cack… clap…” a knock sounded on the door. The door was pushed open, and my mother came in and sat down on the edge of my bed. Looking at the nipples protruding through the fabric of the T-shirt, I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra yet. Down below, my mother was wearing a pair of short shorts, I also saw some curly cunt hairs sticking out.

– I don’t understand why I’m so tired these days, can you give me a massage?

Without waiting for my consent, she lay face down on my bed.

I went to the bed, sat down on the edge of the bed next to my mother, raised my hands that were shaking with excitement, I began to massage her shoulders through the thin fabric, even though it was a layer away, I still felt the softness, the elasticity of my mother’s skin, which is also true because my mother works very hard at the gym.

I squeezed my shoulder for a while, then moved down to massage my back, just as my mother turned her face to the side and groaned:

– Um… happy… when you rub me, I feel so happy… right… let me take it off so you can rub it more easily.

After that, my mother slightly raised her body and took off her shirt, her back was so smooth and white that my hand was frantically massaging it.

Mother’s mouth still groaned: “Um… um…”

When I massaged down, my mother spread her arms out so that I could easily reach down and squeeze her breasts, while gently squeezing her breasts a few times, she groaned:

– Um… that’s right… that’s right… um… I like…

Then she turned on her back, her full breasts appeared in front of my eyes. My hand touched her warm, soft, round, and incredibly elastic breast. The first time I touched a woman’s breast made me feel indescribably happy, a feeling that I still can’t forget.

I continued to rub my breasts, when touching the nipple, I used my thumb and middle finger to gently stroke, under the stimulation of my two fingers, the nipple gradually became hard. At this point, my mother got up, rested her head on my shoulder, and used her two hands to take off her short shorts and throw them away.

Now that my mother was completely naked before my eyes, I continued to caress her nipple, gently at first, after a while I stroked hard and released, using my hand to squeeze her breast.

Mother still rests her head on my shoulder, her eyes are half-lidded, her cheeks are red, her mouth is open and moaning: “Um… I’m happy… um… so happy…”

Hearing the lustful sounds coming out of my mother’s mouth made me terribly excited, I lifted her face and placed a deep kiss on her lips, my first nóng kiss.

Mother responded to my kiss very enthusiastically, at first it was just a simple lip kiss, then she brought her tongue to me to suck, sucking when I was bored, I gave her tongue to her to suck. Our lips entwined, our tongues entwined in our mouths. My mother’s nóng breath on my face made me feel better, my dick seemed to leak a little bit of sperm underneath.

As I stood up to take off my clothes, my gaze remained fixed on my mother’s seductive body.

When I walked back to the bed naked, she took the initiative to lie down with her legs spread out so that I could clearly see her attractive pussy.

Even though my dick just wanted to immediately put it in her pussy, I still wanted to hold back, lie down and take a close look at my mother’s cunt.

Only then did I know that my mother was still wearing a tiny pair of panties, which only covered the hole in her pussy, nothing else.

She has a bunch of curly cunt hair on the top of her cunt, when my nóng breath breathes into her cunt, her body trembles a bit. I gently pulled the tiny panties aside, the whole lustrous luscious pussy appeared in front of my eyes, looking extremely attractive.

I ran my hand over her long, slender thighs, then slowly down her thighs, rubbing them all the way to the crotch, then I stopped, trying my best not to touch the lips of the cunt I gently rubbed around it.

At this time, her hands grip the bed sheet tightly, the mother twists, her eyes are closed, her butt keeps moving up and down so that my hand rubs a little harder on the back of her cunt.

Finally my fingers stopped, my middle finger flicking up and down the center of her cunt’s lips. Mother did not jerk her body a few times and then shouted loudly:

– Baby, please forgive me… fuck me… I’m nóng, baby… I’m begging you… fuck me… fuck… nóng mom…

I buried my face in my mother’s crotch and kissed her cunt lips, then poked my tongue deep into her pussy and licked every bit of the lust that was oozing out of her pussy. Her butt kept bouncing up and down to let my tongue dig deeper.

According to the rhythm of the mother’s butt, the tongue is getting deeper and deeper into the cunt hole, so the erotic water is also getting more and more profuse, every time I swallow it.

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Suddenly the mother shivered, a nóng, thick stream of water shot out of my cunthole, soaking my face and nose.

Moments later, Mom sat up, took off her tiny panties, and threw them aside. Then she pressed her face to mine, using her tongue to lick little by little the syllables from her pussy that were sticking to my face.

A few minutes later, when I was licking all the slimy sperm that was sticking to my face, my mother gently pushed me away and whispered:

– Lie down, son.

I obeyed my mother and quickly lay down, when I was just lying down, she squatted on my crotch, held her big cock that was fully erected to her pussy and then slowly sat down. When mom’s cunt lips touch the top of my dick, I can feel the heat from her cunt to my dick, I know I’m going to know what it feels like to fuck, I’m going to lose my virginity.

When her cunt was submerged in my cock, she began to push her butt up and down slowly, her big breasts bouncing up and down to the rhythm of her butt. I raised my hands and frantically squeezed those massive breasts.

After a while, my mother leaned towards me, I felt my cock being rubbed more strongly, the pleasure was reaching its climax. Mom seems to know this too, so she presses harder.

Then she slipped her hand behind my back, bent down and hugged me tightly, my dick still tucked into her cunt. Mother and daughter kept hugging and fondling each other lustfully. My mother’s smooth skin rubbed against my skin, my cock also rubbed strongly against her cunt making me unbearably happy, a series of nóng sperm was squeezed tightly, shot out forcefully. Mother’s hands quickly reached down and pressed my butt into her crotch, as if to let the sperm shoot as deep as possible into her cunt.

Just like that, my mother put my dick in my pussy, she lay on top of me and kissed me passionately. That night, I kept my cock in my mother’s cunt, hugged her tightly and slept until morning.

Since then, every chance mother and daughter would pounce on each other and fuck. When I went to college, I had to rent a room near the school, my mother would often visit me, and every time we came, we would fuck each other like crazy.

Now, even though I’m married, I still often come home when my father is away so that I can torment my mother’s body.

– End –

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